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About the Artist Andrea LaHue and is an creative design porthole for Artist Andrea LaHue aka Random Act.  LaHue's distinctive Graphic Design work, watercolors and paintings work well on Organic Cotton T-shirts and Hoodies, Gifts and Baby Onesies.  The watercolor paintings look amazing on prints, postcards, cards and other gifts. where her visions come to light. 

Want to go more deeply into Andrea LaHue's art?  Click here: where you will be delighted to explore the depth of her work and creative vision.

Each one of the products are made to order and
Made in the USA.  Some items headed to Europe, are made in Europe.
Andrea LaHue aka Random Act has always been extremely concerned about the environment and makes every effort to operate with this in mind. 
With made to order products, there is as little waste as possible.  The products are sent to you, with as little waste as possible as well.  Environmentally Friendly, comfy and something you will love is the goal.
Uplift, Beautify, Inspire.
Any creative ideas or inspiration you would like to share. Please email me.