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Lincoln Crossed My Mind by Andrea LaHue Puzzles

Atelier LaHue

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Lincoln Crossed My Mind by Andrea LaHue Puzzles

The love for jigsaw puzzles doesn’t lessen with age! A perfect family fun pass-time, whether a family celebration and/or something fun, big and little humans can do to sharpen their brains and talk to each other… and snack… and laugh….. There are 252 pieces to this puzzle and it is 10” x 14”, comes in a metal tin, printed to order for you, and delivered in a cardboard box. If you’re planning to surprise an avid puzzle solver with the perfect gift, a made to order puzzle, with the image printed on both the puzzle and the tin, will make their jaws drop! They come in a metal tin, and are packaged in a cardboard box.

The puzzle was made with a multimedia oil painting I painted after the Cross Country Random Act of Flowers Journey, for the Americana Series. The painting started with a layer of the Gettysburg Address, has layers of maps and pictures taken while on the journey. I love Abraham Lincoln, and so do these United States.

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