While Atelier LaHue is not creating our "made to order" products, in solidarity with #FlattentheCurve, I do have something to Uplift, Beautify & Inspire! Check here: aLaHue.com/blog, for free, downloadable "CommUnity Curious Coloring Pages." Stay HEALTHY and WELL!!

Red XO Winged Hooded Baby Towels

Atelier LaHue

Regular price $30.00
Red XO Winged Hooded Baby Towels

30 x 30 Hooded Baby Towels

Get ready for any bath time or beach day with this adorable hooded towel, perfectly absorbent for staying dry and snuggling up.

Rounded corner, printed, velvety soft, fleece top with white cotton loop back.

Made to Order. Environmentally Friendly.

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